The Perfect Snack

Pub-Corn is the first popcorn available in beer and cocktail flavors*, and it’s sweeping the country!

* Non-alcoholic

Beer Flavored

Chug down some Beer Pub-Corn and you’ll soon be asking for another! Cheers to Beer flavored Pub-corn!

Irish Creme

Take a sip of our Irish Creme Pub-Corn! Now enjoy the smooth flavor of Irish Creme in a tasty snack! (Pub-Corn not recommended for spiking coffee.)

Pinã Colada

Pinã Colada Pub-Corn is a tasty snack for all tropical drink lovers. If you like getting caught in the rain, but you’re not into yoga, try our Pinã Colada flavored Pub-Corn!

Try All Three!

Can’t decide what to order? Try all three!
Enjoy Pina Colada, Irish Creme and Beer in three separate bags!

Gourmet Flavors

Looking for those normal gourmet flavors?
We also carry Caramel, Cinnamon, and Cheese!