Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How Does Pub-Corn Taste?

If you like the taste of beer and you like popcorn, you’ll love beer-flavored Pub-Corn. If you like Irish Creme, you’ll like the Pub-Corn version, too. Pub-Corn gives you the refreshment of a frosty lager or delicious taste of your favorite cocktail in a convenient, crunchy snack.

What Flavors Of Pub-Corn Are available?

Pub-Corn is currently available in Beer, Pinã Colada,  and Irish Creme flavors.

Why On Earth Does The World Need Pub-Corn?

Why not? Americans consume 16 billion lbs. of popcorn and spend almost $100 billion on beer and liquor each year. It’s a great combo – a tasty, fun snack!

Will You Add New Flavors?

Our research and development team is testing new flavors daily. Individuals can sign up for new flavor alerts at www.Pub-Corn.com. Anyone who would like to request a specific flavor can e-mail flavors@Pub-Corn.com.

Who Buys Pub-Corn?

Pub-Corn is a delicious snack with mass appeal. A lot of customers buy Pub-Corn for parties or gifts, but we ship Pub-Corn to truckers who like to munch on the beer-flavored Pub-Corn and pregnant women who crave a cocktail but can’t. Customers buy Pub-Corn as a fun snack for the office, a road trip, or at home in front of the big screen.

Where Can I Buy Pub-Corn?

Thanks to modern technology, anyone with access to the Internet can visit www.Pub-Corn.com and we’ll ship Pub-Corn directly to their door, anywhere in the continental United States. Pub-Corn is currently in test markets and exploring various potential distribution channels including grocery/gourmet stores, liquor/c-stores, concessions, corporate gift, and of course pubs and bars.

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