What is all this Pub-Corn talk about?

What it is

Pub-Corn is the snack craze that’s sweeping the nation. Pub-Corn is the first popcorn available in beer and delicious cocktail flavors. It’s the non-alcoholic way to enjoy the taste of your favorite adult beverages. Pub-Corn is currently available in the following flavors: Beer, Irish Creme, and Pinã Colada.

Who We Are

The idea for Pub-Corn came to Cary Silverman, a born entrepreneur (Cary started his first business at the age of 9), when he saw some college kids sneaking liquor into the movies. Pub-Corn was conceived and shipped its first order in 2008.

How We Made It

Cary tried everything, from soaking kernels in whiskey to injecting kernels with a syringe. Ultimately, he developed the authentic (non-alcoholic) beer and cocktail flavors into a light coating which he applies to each fluffy kernel.